Over 40 years Proven long-term on-site durability with Anodising

The technology of anodising has been established for almost 100 years. Whilst the process has been continuously refined, especially in terms of quality, the chemical and technological fundamentals remain unchanged.

The on-site behaviour of the anodised surfaces produced today is fully predictable, based on the proven, long term, service experience. Independent inspection commissioned by United Anodisers has confirmed that the anodic protection, provided by the Anolok™ process, remains undiminished after more than 40 years.

The chemistry of organic coating is much more recent and, further, due to legal and environmental constraints, has been subject to continuing modifications. As a result, the long term, on-site behaviour of these modern coatings is not proven. Indeed, even some landmark buildings completed in the last 15 years with organic coatings are already showing signs of surface failure.

Felixstowe Leisure Centre


Anodising is the only choice

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Example of Coating Failure


Anodising is the only choice

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Anodising vs Powder Coating

Powder coating is being used on many major building projects as it is cheaper and thought to be the equivalent of architectural anodising.


Powder coating is softer, less durable, and unless done perfectly can peel. Neither can it exhibit the natural metallic lustre of anodising .

  1. Softer - Architectural anodising by UA is harder than glass which means it is less prone to damage, wear and tear and can be, if neglected, abrasively cleaned to restore it to its original lustre.  PPC is soft, prone to scratching and cannot be abrasively cleaned.
  2. Less durable - Anolok™ anodising by UA is fade free and is offered with a lifetime guarantee.   All organic coatings in time lose gloss and colour. Anodising has been used in architecture for more than 80 years;  PPC was introduced in the late 1970’s, much less than 40 years ago.  
  3. Anodising is a process where the coating is grown on the surface of the aluminium and cannot ever peel off.  PPC is an applied paint that can peel in service.


If you want peace of mind and a building exterior that will really last, anodising is the only choice.

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