Decisions concerning the applied finish on major construction projects are crucial and contain an important, but often neglected, element of risk management. With the increasing complexity of finishes available, the choice of finish and particularly, the choice of finisher, can significantly affect the risk element of the decision.

Anodising has been used in building construction for more than 70 years. The process gives a tough durable finish, the production of which has been much refined over the past 30 years. Properly produced, anodising now gives the safest and hardest architectural finish currently available. Anodising will continue to be a major factor in the industry because of it’s benefits over alternative products.

United Anodisers recommend and support independent acceptance inspections of the metal finishing to ensure that documentary evidence, confirming the anodising supplied meets the specification, can be provided prior to any cutting or fabrication at the finishers.

This enables defective finishing to be identified and, where necessary for it to be rejected  or remedied prior to incorporation into the building facade. Our recommendation is that Inspections should be carried out by completely independent laboratories with relevant experience in the finishing industry, with the appropriate calibrated testing equipment. The  testing organisation should, additionally, have an appropriate level of indemnity insurance.

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