United Anodiser's product range is the widest in Europe and includes all the currently developed methods of colouring aluminium. In all, UA offer over 40 colours covering every colour in the spectrum including the latest developments in interference colouring. All these products are offered with a lifetime guarantee.


Natural anodising is the uncoloured anodic film which is transparent and shows the appearance of the underlying metal. In the case of architectural anodising this is a standard matt etched finish.

Anolok™ Bronze Anodising

UA operates the Anolok™ process where the colour is developed electrolytically by depositing cobalt metal into the porous film. Increasing the amount of cobalt deposited gives shades of bronze from pale bronze right through to black.

Light scatter produces the colours and this method of production ensures that the colours obtained are completely fade free.

Anolok™ II

The first interference colour was used in the UK in 1983. The extended range of grey colours, produced by the Anolok™ II process, is the very latest development in colour anodising. By using light interference a series of greys are produced which have the primary benefit of Anolok™ anodising i.e. that they are fade free.

This gives the architect new fashionable colours, based on proven technology, that outperform all the alternatives.

UA Organic Colours

Subsequent to Anolok™ Bronze anodising the porous film is over-dyed using architecturally stable organic pigments, giving a wide range of yellows, reds, blues, greens, oranges or turquoises in subtle shades with guaranteed weatherability.

UA Organic Blue Anodising

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