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An independently certified audit of the long term on-site performance of batch anodised aluminium extrusions and panels on exterior architectural applications in the UK

In 2008, United Anodisers commissioned Dr. Laszlo Palffy, through his consultancy Straditec, to visit jointly with UA technical staff, a number of buildings where batch anodised extrusions and/or panels had been employed in the construction. Dr. Palffy has significant experience of the technology of anodising of aluminium.

In each case the original specifications of the metal and anodising used in the building had to be fully traceable. All buildings were to have already acquired a certain minimum service life. Dr. Palffy was mandated to certify the new on-site measurements of the anodic layer and other performance criteria of the buildings.

The purpose of this audit was to assess the real long-term on-site performance of batch anodised extrusions and panels, compared to accelerated laboratory testing on which earlier conclusions had been based.

United Anodisers believes that these results are conclusive evidence that high quality anodising, associated with a high quality metal substrate, together provide the optimum protection and longevity to aluminium for external applications.

Established in 1962, only United Anodisers, the world's largest architectural anodiser, is uniquely capable of demonstrating a long-term quality track record.

Featured Buildings

Felixstowe Leisure

Felixstowe Leisure Centre

Felixstowe Leisure Centre

Date of independent inspection November 2008
Use of building Leisure Centre
Date of construction 1988
Environment Marine - Sea front - North Sea coast
Evidence of regular cleaning or maintenance No
External parts of building which were anodised Window frames
Description of anodic colour and treatment UA Organic Red C62/2
Type of anodising Batch
Anodiser United Anodisers, Uxbridge
Original anodic film layer on anodised parts (microns) Class 25 μm (AASC specifications)
Anodic film layer on date of independent inspection (microns) 29.1 μm
Visible signs of corrosion or surface degradation None
Conclusion No deterioration in anodic film protection after 20 years service life. No visible evidence of corrosion notwithstanding marine environment. No discernable colour change.

Felixstowe Leisure Centre

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